Andrew Hicks is a multi- media artist focusing on collage, underground film, and music production, but he is mostly well known as “Andycapp”: one of Toronto’s most respected DJ’s and promoters of multi-media events throughout the city of Toronto.

Andy has a BA in Integrated Media and a MA in Global Cinema, and is currently the Festival Event Co-ordinator at UNITY Charity.  Andy uses his knowledge as a promoter and community organizer along with the influence of past masters to organize special events that include a diverse group of highly talented and multi-cultural performers, artists and attendees.






Daniel Melfi is a journalist with a keen interest in the societal norms that govern our to daily senses, emotions, perspectives and ultimately, our actions. Influenced by an infinite love for music produced and purveyed by those before him, he spends much of his efforts developing an arresting collection of music and books that he probably didn’t need to start. 

 Throughout his time writing in Toronto and beyond, he’s documented a dynamic musical landscape on behalf of Thump, Vice, Beyond The Drop and Aesthetic Magazine. Daniel hopes to graduate from Ryerson University’s journalism program in 2017. Whether getting lost in the Czech Republic or misunderstood in Catalonia, he does his best to spend his time in dark clubs, listening to hard techno.