“We may be speaking in a third language, unlike the older generation, which tended to place hierarchy upon the cultures and to place them into confrontation with each other”

– Ala Ebtekar 

This world we inhabit is a constantly shifting and morphing one, folding and folding again its limits, borders, and definitions. A noisy, full world. Through the effects of systemic creation, we have long navigated this noise by ribboning our bodies, our music, dance, art, rituals, ceremonies, i.e. our lives, across physical and metaphysical borders, all lined with a cacophony of becoming and unbecoming.

In an era where the grey space of being expands from and ripples outward from our recognizable roots, echoes back through imposed commodity, and again pulses away into one another in communing, there is a need to reconnect to our relationship with the hush of silence, the slowing of time, and our relationship to the geometry, colour and texture of nature in order to recognize the new compositions we are as people. We seek a system of harmony, balance, and slow pitch, steeped in vibrancy and vivacity, constant negotiation, intensely alive and yet respondent to the noise of itself: without cacophony.

“The Crossing is also meant to evoke/invoke the crossroads, the space of convergence and endless possibility; the place where we put down and discard the unnecessary in order to pick up that which is necessary. It is that imaginary from which we dream the craft of a new compass.”

Jacqui Alexander

The buzz and endless vibration of the Internet becomes a place of unfinished movement, transformation and relocation with which we see ourselves, greet ourselves, become and unbecome. Our communion takes place in an array of possibility, guided by music, colour, dance, geography, and the right to silence accompanying all of it, in an endless accommodation for our boundless production as cultural, grey and ambiguous beings. As products of ancestral movement and reaction, we can take refuge into a new space, away from limitations experienced, and to harness and exploit the escape of the Internet into a vibrant solace, a pulse point to rest in.

“ We all need to see folks reach beyond what looks possible and make it happen. we need more examples of how to make it happen. We will all face difficult circumstances along the way that will challenge our self-confidence and try to disrupt our decisions about the directions we wish to choose.”

– Gil Scott Heron

This can also be a place of intense, vivacious peace, of discordant harmony, an insertion of balance and activation of space for the need to restore & relax through creative collaboration, spirituality, psychological growth and the remedial ring of recognition, the old and the unfound and the new and unknown. In breathing inward our ancestors, while breathing out our displaced and replaced constructs of identity, we stretch into ambiguity and unprecedented embodiment.