Presented by the collectives of The Albino Zebrah & Ill At Will Crew, we bring you “Beat Bop – An Ode To Rammellzee” We wanted to present a unique artistic perspective/experience to the city of London, and thought an ode/tribute to RAMMELLZEE – a huge inspiration to us and the culture-would be a great way to deliver this to you.

RAMMELLZEE (stylized RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ, American, 1960–2010) was a contemporary Graffiti artist, writer, hip-hop musician, performance artist, and art theorist known for his East Village “Wild Style” tag work. This style, created by a group of artists in the 1980s, was distinguished by its illegible writing derived from Gothic script, its dynamic look, and its vibrant colors. During his lifetime, he exhibited alongside artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Futura 2000, Keith Haring, and LA II. Rammellzee passed away of an undisclosed illness in Queens, NY in 2010.

Visual Art showcases by: Andrew ” Andycapp” Hicks, Ryan Machan, Jesse Catibog, Darcy Obokata, James Kirkpatrick, and Kyle Hough.

We will also showcased a ‘beat cypher’ – a round robin of select producers vibing and cyphering featuring Super Animal Force, and special dance showcase featuring Troy Feldman & Jesse Catibog with original music composed by D MATTHEW & PRIME exploring the fundamental and universal nature of struggle, and how seemingly opposing concepts or forces-good vs. evil, weak vs. strong, resistance vs. acceptance-are invariably opposite sides of the same coin.

The after party featured DJ’s Andycapp, Mean Joe Tunes, and Gripski with special live set by musical guests: Re.verse: the band that plays like a DJ with the freedom and spontaneity of live instrumentation and jazz improvisation.